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Abstract Love

 Addicted To Love 

‘Addicted to Love’ is one woman’s tale of lost love, her desperate search for new love and her ultimate journey towards falling in-love with herself. The Law of Attraction takes on a whole new vibe in this hilarious and poignant romp. Addicted to love follows the ups and downs of online love- life coach Willy Weinstein. Willy is a single mom, fortyish, with long dark curls and a voluptuous physique. Though quite physically obsessed, she considers herself to be a spiritual soul- mostly because she has read every Wayne Dyer book ever written! In fact, she considers Wayne to be the wind beneath her wings. Her clients are enamoured by her savvy love life advice, which she offers through her Man-ifesting coaching site. Her own love life is, however, in considerable disarray! 

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Vintage Comic Books


Two delightful alien characters decide it's time for an adventure! Zorg and Borg live on the yellow planet named Lello. They are tall and colourful and super friendly. Come join them as they head to Earth! Discover the differences and similarities we all seem to share!

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