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Sharron Katz Music

Santa Soulmate

Sharron Katz

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Sharron Katz Music

Sharron Katz is a soul-full Canadian singer/songwriter, arranger and producer currently creating in Stratford Ontario.

    Her sultry stunning vocals complimented by her extraordinary songwriting talent led her to be listed as one of Brian Gladstone’s (Winterfolk Festival Director) top 10 songwriters favourites in 2018.

   Sharron just released her 4th CD titled Portrait created through the pandemic.

Katz has been prolific with her songwriting and has just released her 4th and most intimate CD titled Portrait. This musical work of heART features incredible performances by Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell) Iain McNally (Amanda Marshall), Don Baird, Mike McCullough (Carol Baker) Robbie Patterson, Victoria Yeh, and Myke Mazzei.

       She works writing and producing with her husband in their Stratford Studio.

Katz is also a visual artist, author and designer of cool upcycled sweaters!

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