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My name Sharron Katz and...

Welcome to my creative world.

    I live in Stratford On with my lovely husband. We have an amazing music studio in our huge backyard.

This was a busy summer, we spent in the studio finishing off my 4th CD (See music page). What a labour of love THAT was!   

    Then it was time to begin sweatering for an upcoming show in November.  And always a bit of writing and painting splattered in between to lift my spirits.  

   I have a beautiful young-adult daughter who works curating films for different festivals in TO, Im a proud momma bear!  And...when..I.. have..a moment I work in my massive garden -she scratches head and asks herself ,why do I keep adding more plants!!"

    And theres a hot tub!! And it's super fun!

  So there you have it .

   xoxo Sharron

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