Pink Sugar

Hey There

Thanks so much for popping by. (o:  This is the space to discover a bit more about me. Creativity is my joy, I was born to create.

My first profession was as a fashion designer. I worked in and for the film business on and off (in Toronto Canada)

for 20 years.  

   I eventually began painting and was very blessed to be able to eek out a living with my art. I moved into film part time.  I've been a writer throughout the years and have self published a novel and a children's book.  You can check them out in the book section of my site.  My greatest passion is music.  My father was a Jazz musician/MD and it took me the longest time to begin to make my own music.  I'm currently working on my 4th CD with the collab of several top Canadian musicians- How lucky am I!  

    So it's all here for you to check out!

Thank you so much for your love and interest. 

xoxo. Sharron