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So...well, I was designing away and also trying to get pregnant which kind took me a while- but at age 40 I had this gorgeous creation of a daughter and named her AAron cuz I was convinced I was having a boy...and just kept the name because I really loved it. Lucky for me, she loves it too!  Right, getting a little off topic- so when she was born I transitioned into visual arts.  Painting had been calling out to me- gorgeous sunsets, women dancing, abstract expression.   I would set up my easel and placed construction paper all over our coffee table for my toddler.  We would paint away the day!  Painting was not that far a stretch from fashion illustration which I LOVED.  My art has become great therapy for me and hopefully for others too!  I've sold over 300 paintings to date...possibly more, that number just came to mind but....I actually think I've sold much more...oh and BTW' daughter is also an amazing artist!

I studied fashion design at Ryerson Polytechnic School- yes before it became a university!  I specialized in designing leatherwear and shearling outerwear.  Over time My designs were discovered by film folk and I became one of their top costume builders and made stuff for all sorts of famous people...but I won't name drop...oh what the heck, Kevin Bacon's wife, Kyra Sedgewick, Rena Sofer, Angelica Huston, Cynthia Dale and more...Cut to- Sharron living in Stratford and becoming a thrift store addict! I decided to blend my addiction and design skills to create a super funky line of Boho sweaters for ALL AGES.  I mean EVERYONE deserves to feel unique and beautiful! 

Well this part gets crazy! My whole life I was in love with music! I finally learned to play guitar at 50!! yes 50!!! I was writing songs within 6 months and now I'm proud to say I'm currently working on my 4th CD!  I begun to engineer and produce as well. I've worked with really cool musicians- even some famous ones!!  I would say I am totally in love with creating music.  I've performed in MANY shows and festivals and I'll keep you posted on those but feel free to check me out right here!  SHARRON KATZ MUSIC

OK- best for last! I wrote a super funny novel about a love-life coach who is on a wild mission to help[ others while making a mess of her own love life!  It's called Addicted To Love. I'm currently working on the sequel called Addicted TO Food where the heroine has now found love and is eating away all her anxiety. Learning to love her plump body while she continues to write her mini books and find herself caught up in all sorts of Misshaps!  OF COURSE NONE OF THIS IS ABOUT MY OWN LIFE- heh heh heh 

 Sweaters         Art           Music          Book              

I have shown in 4 galleries,
8 restaurant/coffee shops, 
20 art shows and have sold
over 300 paintings (wow) and 100 prints
I have taught art, created Art Camp
for Moms, art programs for seniors and 
 intergenerational art programs.
I curated an art show in a seniors home (amazing)
And created a program (CorpArt) to help smaller
corporations to think out of the box.
I have done children’s art parties and 
coached adults in the art of authentic expression.
I paint, cartoon, sing and write songs, write books,
design gorgeous up-cycled sweaters.
Creating my kid was pretty much my best creation




Sharron Katz 200 Forman Avenue Stratford Ontario

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