Sharron Katz 200 Forman Avenue Stratford Ontario

Thanks for visiting!


I hope that my art resonates with you and makes you feel

something you need to feel- love, warmth, joy, compassion. Or maybe even a sweet sadness, a knowing you are loved.


   I  believe that art/artists make this world a better place.  But more than that- everyone of us has some form of creative expression we need to honour within ourselves and others.

 Owning original art and supporting the arts is imperative- not just to keep the artist surviving but to keep the spirit of our world thriving. 

    The purchase of a work- big or small- is an investment in your own well-being; like no other.  There is an energy in original art-the emotion and energy of the artist. I know I pour my heart into each work- and this love is from me to you.


     I really notice this in my own home- which is obviously packed with art (Lol), when I take my art off the walls for a show.  I feel myself become more neutral…like the blood draining from my veins…and when it all goes back up- joyful, light, vibrant colour returns and my world feels brightened.


    I hope that you consider investing in a piece or two. Find something that just lifts you, speaks to you. 


 It’s a lifetime investment.  I realize many are on budgets and for this reason I’m happy to do prints of pretty much anything you see here.


      Art is an investment in your own spirit.  Support the arts. We who create need you to create for. 


Please, feel free to connect with me. 


  xox. Sharron Katz

Some cool stuff

I have shown in 4 galleries,

8 restaurant/coffee shops, 

10 art shows and have sold

over 300 paintings (wow) and 100 prints

I have taught art, created Art Camp

for Moms, art programs for seniors and 

 intergenerational art programs.

I curated an art show in a seniors home (amazing)

And created a program (CorpArt) to help smaller

corporations to think out of the box.

I have done children’s art parties and 

coached adults in the art of authentic expression.

I paint, cartoon, sing and write songs, write books,

design gorgeous up-cycled sweaters.

Creating my kid was pretty much my best creation

And I love.

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